Wednesday, July 12, 2006

running errands

As I was running errands this afternoon a few things really stuck with me, so I thought I would share them:

Crayons I had to grab a few things at Office Max and there was a back-to-school display of Crayola products; of course, I was drawn in like a moth to light. I think I picked up every product, from watercolors and markers to crayons, and a few new things I'd never seen before, I had to touch them all. I thought about buying a whole bunch, but then I overcame TSM and decided I would look through my current stash before buying any new art supplies - score 1 for me :)

Bumper Stickers The truck in front of me for most of the ride home had a bumper sticker that read "Women love me, Fish fear me." I think that one pretty much explains itself.

Gigantic Drink Cups
Dear Panera Bread,
Your large cups do not fit into the cup holders in my car, thus creating a problem whenever I try to take your yummy iced tea home. Could you maybe work on that a little?


Anonymous said...

mmmm...Panera...I'm very hungry.

Anonymous said...

Oh - the above comment was from me :)

alanna rose said...

Glad you posted your initials - I thought I had a stalker ;) I miss you!

JJ said...

I hear you about the Panera drink cups - the only way I could fit them into the holders in my Alero was to pull out the nice rubber lining in the cup holder - it wasn't really supposed to be removable, but better that than iced tea all over my car!

Anonymous said...

FYI - to clean the rubber cup holders - you can put them in the dishwasher!

Crystal said...

Is MCP the flylady? ;)

alanna rose said...

No - it's Merissa, one of my best friends from...forever. ou might remember her, she visited me at school one year for hobo.

Crystal said...

Yes, I remember her! Hi Merissa.

AJ said...

I got sucked into buying some markers today on my lunch hour. But they are scented like the different flavors of Dots, and they were in the $1 bins at Target. I love those!