Monday, July 31, 2006

in the dark

It is very hot today, I'm sure you all know that; in an effort to conserve a tiny bit of energy I turned the thermostat up a little (5 degrees) and I am keeping all of the blinds closed and the lights turned off. So far I think it's working.

But I feel like a mole.

Remember Initiation Week at the house? I always felt like a mole then, too.


AJ said...

There's an energy conservation alert in Metro Detroit. If I lose my A/C, I'm invading the DTE offices and sleeping there until it's back on:)

Stephie said...

we didn't have any power at school yesterday, I too felt very mole-like in my window-less office with the emergency lighting on

mel_fitz said...

you're a dork

jonesy said...

MSP/St. Paul has a no showering or bathing ban until 7 a.m tomorrow. Heat PLUS stink. Lovely!

Crystal said...

Mole.. ha ha!