Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the pink bubble

I'm back from Dallas :) And for the past few days I've been floating in my pink bubble - it's like riding out a Mary Kay high. I came home with a new sparkly bracelet because I was #4 in sales for my area. I also set some new goals for this year, I figure that if I share them with all of you I'll have to work hard to achieve them so that you won't think I'm a big loser.
* become a director
* Queen's Court of Recruiting - I need 24 new consultants, any volunteers ;) - I actually want to be the queen
* Star Consultant every quarter
* earn a pink Cadillac

In other news my very best friend from way back, Merissa, is having back surgery today; could you please pray that she doesn't have any more pain and that she recovers quickly? Thanks so much!


Erika said...

LOL. i have an image of you as Glinda. :)
good luck with your MK stuff.
I'm thinking about your friend.

Crystal said...

I'm envisioning you driving around in that Pink Cadillac.. reminds me of when Sasquatch was selling MK and you kept saying that. :)

I hope Merissa's surgery and recovery goes well!

mel_fitz said...

hey Hoe--I'm online same time as you. we just posted on C's blog @ same time.

AJ said...

Sasquatch...haha! I'd forgotten about that.

Kara said...

I can so picture you driving a pink cadillac.