Saturday, July 25, 2009

sugar babies

I cruised the new Dollar Tree in town today.

I have become that cool.

After checking the supply of pregnancy tests (we finally have a dollar store that stocks them! - and NO, I did not buy one) and picking up some dishcloths (my Williams-Sonoma dishcloths love to hang out with their Dollar Tree cousins) I hit the candy aisle. Birds sang as I dodged little old ladies, sunshine filled my heart as I gazed upon row after row of brightly colored boxes, I peed rainbows.

It never fails to amaze me how fabulous the candy selection is at dollar stores. I guess the grocery store has all of the same candy, but I never really spend much time in the candy aisle (potato chip aisle is a different story). I only came home with a box of Sugar Babies (self restraint - go me!), which I am now sharing with J. I would have come home with a bag of Sugar Daddies, because I lovelovelove them - but I couldn't find any :( Oh well, candy and my little family makes for a pretty great Saturday night :)


Amanda Leigh said...

Yummm... now I want Sugar Babies too!

AJ said...

My dishclothes all have holes in them, perhaps I need to hit up our dollar store:) There are about 7 within a mile from our in God's name do that many survive?

Kara said...

Dollar stores have a wide selection. I also used their pregnancy tests and they seem to work just dandy :) I too love sugar babies and haven't had them in forever.

Pamela said...

Dollar stores are great when you can find good stuff! Be careful, sometimes they trick you into thinking something is a good deal for a dollar when it's not!

Michelle said...

Dollar store pregnancy tests are the BEST! I swear they work better than the expensive ones... I always buy candy from there, too. My faves are Good & Plenty or Mike & Ikes - Tropical Typhoon flavor :)