Saturday, August 30, 2008

big day

I declare today "Solid Food Day"

Mashed bananas for all!

Gerald did well, no screaming, and I'm pretty sure he swallowed at least some of the banana. We taped the whole process, of course, but I'll spare you - no one really needs to see 5 minutes of me shoveling banana into his mouth.

Gerald also rode the train today. Next to our neighborhood is a cute little train that the local historical soceity runs, J thought it would be fun to take G for a ride.


Laura said...

He looks like he digs it. So was J able to make it out of the train? It looks like he had to fold himself in half just to get in!

Kara said...

I am thinking of starting Cambrie on solids. Her bottle intake has increased, but I'll probably start with rice cereal. I am trying to delay starting because it is so nice not fussing with solids yet. Looks like Gerald thought the bananas were yummy.

AJ said...

You're putting us to shame! That's homemade baby food isn't it? Very impressive. My mom did that when I was a baby. I've always thought it was sweet.

alanna rose said...

Laura - the jaws of life were necessary.

Kara - He loves the bananas!

AJ - if homemade means mushing a banana with a fork, then yep.