Friday, September 07, 2007

weekend recap

We had so much fun!

We did everything we planned, except for having dinner at the Antlers in the Soo. We walked in and put our name in, but it was so much trashier than we remembered, so we had a really nice meal at the Ramada instead.

Mackinaw Island was fab. I forgot to bring my phone and I was sad because I was going to call Sonya and hopefully find her for a quick hug. But while we were walking up to the Grand Hotel we ran into her :) She was cute as ever and she had Olive with her. Olive is one great dog!

I walked the bridge on Labor Day, I was finisher 17,660. There was a little problem with the return buses, it was kind of a big problem - a two-mile-long line of sweaty, tired walkers. So we shelled out the big bucks and took the ferry to the Island and then back to St. Ignace. The ferry ride was actually really refreshing.

On Monday we drove home, and my mom took pictures of me sleeping in the car. Thanks Mom!

Here's a picture of my dad pointing out the water line as we rode the Soo Locks boat tour. :)


mel_fitz said...

Hola Wayne!!
Thanks for the tub and towel. You're too good to me.

AJ said...

Holy Crap! Good for you finishing the bridge walk. I can't beleive that with all the tiredness of the early stages of pregnancy. With Noah, it was all I could do to stay conscious at work, let alone walk several miles in hot weather! You go Alotta Hose!!

Crystal said...

LOL Mel.. I was about to make a comment about Wayne and you stole the words right out of my mouth.

Laura said...

Love the pic of Wayne! Yay for the bridge walk! I want to do that one day!

Erika said...

I'm so jealous! I haven't been to the island in forever. My step-dad used to work at the Grand Hotel. Ahhhh... memories of horses and fudge. :)

What an awesome weekend! Hope the prego-ness is going well!

Kara said...

How fun!!! Glad it was a good time. I still have yet to go on a ferry....I'll do that when the girls are old enough to enjoy.