Friday, September 14, 2007

emma's first day

Emma's first day of kindergarten was last Wednesday. Her mom had to work so I got to take her in for her very first day :)

She looked so cute - her hair is super curly, but if you put it up while it's wet, it looks nice and sleek and you get one huge sausage curl. We optimized the sausage factor by doing pigtails, and we of course used her new sparkly butterfly barrettes.

I had borrowed my brother's truck to bring home a couch from Ikea, and Emma - who attends a local farming community school - hopped out of the biggest, shiniest truck on the lot. I got a few looks from the other moms, haha!

I have to admit that I cried a little, Emma is my special little buddy and she's growing up too fast!

Best part of the morning? As I was leaving the bus drivers asked me why I wasn't going to school today. I thanked them, but let them know it'd been 10 years since I'd attended high school :)


mel_fitz said...

aww. you look good!!!

Laura said...

awwe! so cute!