Tuesday, September 18, 2007

in the air

Right now J is in the air on his way to Houghton. He's going up with the recruiting team for Tech under the guise of giving lectures on ethics in business. I know he's really going because he wants to hang out at the DT.

Also in the air are about 10 million mosquitoes. They've been really thick ever since the torrential rains and flooding; we had a cool spell last week and I thought they had died down. Today it's warm and there are so many flying around my backyard it looks like it's snowing. I think I'll stay inside, even though I really wanted to go on a walk :p


AJ said...

Go J! A free trip to Houghton pretending it's for work...we're all jealous!

mel_fitz said...

I don't think you can buy Longerberger baskets on a convenience store operator wage. That's not going to work.