Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who wants a facial?

I am making a rare, cameo appearance in Metro Detroit!
Jocko and I will be in town for the weekend for Andrea's wedding, and then I'm going to stay an extra week, WooHoo! Mel is planning on coming into town so that we can hang at The Collection and I am planning on hanging out and visiting with as many people as possible.
I will send an email to the AGD group with my phone number, so call me and we can do fun things :)

PS- I love Somerset, but we have always made fun of how pretentious it is, I mean it's a mall, get over it.


heather said...

I actually like Twelve Oaks in Novi better than Somerset. ;) In fact, I may go there today.

mel_fitz said...

Tell Benetton to prep. their staff for me.

Crystal said...

You should come to Madison next!