Monday, June 26, 2006

a little plug for me

So the end of the year for Mary Kay is June 30, and I am $700 away from the goal I set for myself last year, so if you are in need of anything (something for you, a gift, perhaps) just let me know. You can shop right from my website. I have a full store in my home and orders are shipped the very next day. If you already have a Mary Kay lady please call her with your order - I do not want to steal another consultant's customers (it's just not right). Also, if you see something you like but would like to try a sample let me know, I have samples for almost everything.

I'll blog more after I wrap up this goal - see you all soon!


Stephie said...

so all I have to do is order from the website and it's from you right, not some random person.... do you have any suggestions for my pasty self? ;)

mel_fitz said...

hi dork

Crystal said...

Yeah... I could use some suggestions, too. I hardly ever wear makeup, but when I do, I want it to look good.

alanna rose said...

Stephie - I called your house, but you weren't home - sad day:( I will call you back later.

Crystal - I just sent you some fun color ideas - have fun with them!