Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I went to google and typed "Alanna needs" just like Heather told us to, and there really wasn't very much that I needed, however, I did find this fun time-waster site that simplifies the google search for your name.

Here are a few examples of who I am, according to Google:
*alanna is a unique female that just loves every thing about knights
*alanna is handling everything like a pro
*alanna is one of the least slutty people in the book
*alanna is indeed alive
*alanna is one wild girl
*alanna is no damsel in distress
*alanna is an excellent choice for any gentleman
*alanna is currently writing her dissertation on the bukharan jews
*alanna is a natural martha stewart and should pursue a career in interior design

So I'm an alive, wild, not-so-slutty, great catch that can keep my cool while playing the domestic goddess and moonlighting as a student, and I am a medieval recreationist in my spare time.

And I thought my life was so simple.


heather said...

Those are great! :)

AJ said...

Hey, getting out of MTU with a not-so-slutty title is a feat in it's own!!

Erika said...


alanna rose said...

Oh AJ - you're killing me!