Monday, October 01, 2012

Movei Monday, 31 Days to Cleaner Closets!

Here's the deal: 3 out of 4 people in my home are currently on antibiotics.
Fun! All hail the amazing Z-Pack!

Keep that in mind while you watch today's will explain everything ;)

For the past few years The Nester has done a 31 days series in October and everyone loves it, and all of the bloggers that participate seem to have so much fun.
Last year my friend Rebecca did a 31 Days to Wrap your Crap series, and it was pretty fab. This year she just did one follow-up post...perhaps I should take that as a cue to not do a 31 day series?
Nope. Still all kinds of crazy and totally up for 31 days of posting.

So basically, Bebe #3 will be here in roughly 8 weeks; my closets and storage spaces are very very bad.
I fear that if I don't do something now, I just might lose a child in my home.
So I've got 31 Days to Cleaner Closets.
I'm linking up, and everyday for the month of October you will get an exciting post about my closets, probably some randomness as well, and with any luck a few hints for tackling your own clutter magnets.

Happy Monday!!!

Are you joining the 31 Days series? 
Share your URL in the comments, I'd love to follow your journey!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

You should TOTALLY take the hint, girlfriend. Run. Runaway.

(unless, of course, you want to go through *my* closets for the whole month....might need more than 31 days....)

I'll be following along - can't wait to see the transformation :)

Stephie said...

A Caboodle!!!!