Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the problem with bowling

J is a bowler.

Like, I think he seriously would really enjoy being a pro bowler (I know - I'm thinking I wouldn't fit in very well with the pro-bowler wives). He's in two leagues (at one point he was in three), and his name shows up pretty regularly in the sports section of our local paper.

Yes, they print high bowling scores in the local paper.

Anyway, the problem is that the 6 or 7 nights a month that he does bowl, I am not happy. He leaves for work and then he comes home after bowling. So I take care of the bebes all day without reprieve (super fun when they decide to tag-team their naps) and handle bedtime by myself. I have to say it's easier now that it was when Max was a few months old - that was really tough.

I go back and forth on how I feel about this. I want him to have time to enjoy something, but I feel like bowling is inferior to a whole bunch of activities.

It's not even aerobic.

Today I decided that one of the main issues I have with bowling is that I am alone all day with our little guys, and once I get them both in bed I have maybe 30 min to myself before he comes home.

And 30 min is nothing. I barely finished folding a basket of laundry before he came home - I had big plans to blog, and vacuum, and dust, and polish my nails and take a super long shower. I'm beginning to think I should tell him to stay out longer, but I think that plan will backfire.

And that is the problem with bowling.


Danielle Michelle said...

I love your updates! Sorry I'm just catching up!

So are you saying that when your hubby comes home it's like you have another job to do...namely give him attention?

Tell me about it...It's like having a 3rd child.

Michelle said...

I know how you feel -- there are nights when Travis has a Knights of Columbus meeting, and I am on my own with the kids for dinner/bedtime routines.... and then he gets home like 10 minutes after they go to bed... after all the work is done. UGH!! Much rather have him stay out late -- I worked hard and need some alone time :)

Do you get 6-7 nights/days a month to do your activity of choice? I guess that would be a good solution -- everyone needs their "thing" :)

Pamela said...

it would totally backfire because the kiddos would decide they didn't want to go to bed.

You should plan something on 6 or 7 nights of the month where you can get out and do your thing without any of them ;)