Thursday, February 24, 2011

the current state of my mantle

Don't laugh.

please excuse the duplos, and umm, everything else

Yep, that is totally my mantle.

The real one. In my living room. The one visitors see.

Surprisingly? I sort of dig it.

I think John Cusack is kind of dreamy

Jenny posted an interesting discussion about being overexposed to design. I have to say I feel it, and I'm not even a real designer. I really want my mom to put up lovely Ikat drapes in her bedroom, but I keep thinking -

"Is Ikat over?" If we do that, then in 2 years will I look at the drapes and say "Wow, that is so 2010."

But if Mom loves it, then does it really matter?

So does it really matter that my mantle is currently decorated with our gag-gift presents from Christmas?

I say nope. These things make me laugh, so they are staying for now. We'll call it Frat Chic - an eclectic assortment of items you might typically find in a frat house (although much cleaner). Who knows, maybe I'll add to the "collection," maybe I'll start thenextbigthing (yeah right), maybe I'll find proper homes for these items (GW box?) before our next party.

I still love that kitty oil painting.


Heidi said...

Is that an oil painting of a cat? I love it!

Laura said...

I secretly loved Hot Tub Time Machine. :)

And does that "neat piece of wood" have a painted face on it? ;)

Pamela said...

You should save Jinxy the cat and find an Antiques Roadshow to see if he's worth anything. Gag would be on the previous owner! ;)

Michelle said...

I love your mantle!! Looks pretty perfect to me :)