Monday, July 26, 2010

A Good Weekend

We had a great weekend!

We were able to relax and play with the boys, and I was able to finish a few small projects. Hooray!

Also, I realized that since Bun is 8 weeks old, it had been 8 weeks since we'd had freshly baked cookies in the house. Tragic, isn't it?

So I decided to make a quick batch of bar cookies. I used a recipe handed down to me from my French Aunt, Nestle Toll House ;) (remember that episode of Friends?)

But the butter was frozen, so I set it outside in the heat to thaw faster.

butter, noms.

And pretty soon we had cookies!

that's a large cookie

It was a good weekend!


AJ said...

I remember that episode...Phoebe's all "Nestlay Tule Hous-ah." (Excuse my phonetic spelling there.) And then Monica flips out:)

Meg said...

I didn't realize you'd had a baby! Congratulations!! I scrolled back through to see photos. So adorable! Your family is so sweet.

And that pan filled with cookie heaven is making my mouth water! YUM!!