Saturday, May 01, 2010

almost 36 weeks

Right now we are putting baby clothes away; running stuffed animals, wall hangings, etc through the dryer to get the dust out; and scrubbing down the nursery.

On Tues I will be 36 weeks pregnant, and Bun has dropped considerably.

I'm waddling, and my bosom no longer rests on my baby belly (at least my bra straps aren't constantly sliding down my shoulders). I feel like I could have this baby if I sneeze.

I just packed my hospital bag (I packed contraband granola bars just in case).
The car seat is ready to go (we're going to wait to install the base).
I bought a pack of newborn diapers.

I totally feel prepared for Bun's arrival (big fat lie).

I'm making a list of baby things that I need to do before my water breaks:
* Find Bun a coming home outfit.
* Get a baby book.
* Charge the camcorder.
* Wrap up a present for JJ to bring to the hospital.
* Wrap up JJ's present (he's getting a little Dr. kit - we've been very into Dr's lately)
* Get myself a summer weight robe for at the hospital.
* Update announcement addresses (if you'd like one please let me know!)
* Finalize a date, etc for the "double dip" (Baptism).

The one thing I am not worried about is feeding this baby. Establishing nursing with JJ wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done, but we did it and we did it well (19 months!). My midwife mentioned to me that because we stopped nursing after I became pregnant, my milk will come in sooner this time - hopefully that's true! At any rate, the Boppy is coming to the hospital this time, not having it with JJ made everything more complicated.

I think that's it. At least that's all I can handle thinking about for right now.


Laura said...

Yay for the Bun!! I want an announcement! I hope that you milk does come in faster! It felt like to took forever this time.

AJ said...

Me, too for the announcement!

I brought my boppy with N and J, made things much easier. All three of my nursing experiences, much like all three briths, were totally different. It'll be interesting to see if your milk does come in sooner this time.

And as for feeling prepared...I didn't feel prepared at all with N or with J. I think it's unavoidable!

Laura said...

PS- I hope that you are able to put in the words that I often forget when typing. I swear I can speak English... just need to learn how to write it.

Lamb said...

<3 that you went up to 19 months! great work, mama!

Michelle said...

wow -- 19 months!?! you deserve a great big mommy medal :)

I stopped bfing when I got pregnant with Noah... and my milk came in MUCH quicker the second time. Definitely bring your boppy!!