Sunday, January 31, 2010

this guy

Loves to eat PB sandwiches.

He's actually a really great little eater. He'll always try new foods (I'm not saying he doesn't spit out offensive foods). And he's addicted to fruits and veggies :)

But last week, fueled by pregnant-lady-food-cravings, I bought potato bread instead of the fabulously healthy, whole grain brown bread I usually buy. I accidentally created a monster.

He now refuses to eat brown bread. And he's too young to use the logic my mom used on us when we would ask for wonder bread at the store (she'd tell us we were "rich," and could afford to eat whole grain bread, weren't we so lucky?).

After this loaf is spent I think we're going PB sandwich free for a few weeks. Maybe he'll forget about the soft and sweet white bread and be more receptive to the nutty,chewy, brown bread he used to love. Maybe he'll also eat the crusts, and quit throwing them on the floor.

Here's to hoping.


Lamb said...

hahahAHA. i never understood why my mom wouldn't buy us Wonder. "mom, it tastes better, ill eat the crust, AND its cheaper. please! please! please!'

Laura said...

I have found a whole grain white bread. Maybe JJ will let it fly. ;)

Charlie and Kara said...

What a cutie pie!

Pamela said...

Can he teach Kayla how to eat? She won't touch pb&j sandwiches :(

Michelle said...

So true... I hated wheat/whole grain breads growing up, but now I can't stand to eat the wonder bread.

PB&J sandwiches are a regular request around our house, too :)