Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chocolate Ornaments

This is my first tutorial! And it is super-duper easy, hooray!

I wasn't really sure what to call these bites of chocolate and pretzel yumminess, but they are round and festive, so I figured calling them "ornaments" wasn't too far of a stretch.

These are ridiculously easy. So easy that someone taught me how to make them when I lived in the dorms, and I made a whole bunch of them in the shared, dorm kitchenette and proudly handed them out at Christmas.

Here are your ingredients:

a bag of pretzel rounds (sometimes they call them "beer pretzels" and they are generally not manufactured by a national brand, just look for them - I swear they are out there)
a bag of holiday M&M's
a bag of Hugs (because the stripes are more fun than plain old Kisses)

Step 1: unwrap the Hugs - this will be mind numbing and time consuming - I suggest doing this while watching TV.

Step 2: preheat your oven to 150 or 200 degrees (basically, as low as it will allow you to set it) and then turn it off. If you don't turn it off you will burn your Hugs, and no one wants a burnt Hug. Then lay out some pretzels on a foil lined cookie sheet, and slip a hug into the center of each pretzel.

yep, I forgot to use foil - it made ornament removal a little bit difficult

Step 3: put the pretzels and Hugs into the oven for 2 - 3 min. They will become nice and melty.


Step 4: top each Hug with an M&M .I like to place mine upside down so you can't see the logo. I also try to place the M&M exactly over the pointy part of the Hug, just to knock it down.

Step 5: stick you tray of ornaments into the fridge until they are set (10 min. or less), pop them off of the foil (or pry them off with a spatula- seriously - use the foil) and enjoy!

nom, nom, nom!

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AJ said...

I will totally be making these with my kids, they love doing stuff like this!

YGS said...

yum yum must make!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I've never seen this before- what a great idea! Plus, I love chocolate and pretzels :)

alanna rose said...

I'm so excited you guys are going to try these. They're the silliest little things, but they're so fun!

Laura said...

Get in my belly!!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

yummy yummy.


pk said...

YUM! I'm actually pretty afraid to make them though. They look like they're the perfect size to just pop into your mouth - again and again and again... :-) thanks for sharing the recipe! Have a good Thanksgiving!

pk @ Room Remix

Robin Sue said...

I love making things like this, so fun and simple! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ms. Bright said...

Easy, delish and festive! So glad you stopped by and were even a smidge inspired!!

p.s. I dream about being Ina sometimes, too. It makes me feel better when I eat everything in sight over the holidays!!

YGS said...

I can't find round pretzels anywhere. booh!!!! :(