Tuesday, September 29, 2009

window dressings

As I alluded to earlier, I now have a pretty firm plan of how I want to treat the windows in the great room.

Here's what I started with:

these curtains came with our home, I'm so over them

The walls are now a yummy butter yellow, and I've kept the crisp white trim.
I have decided not to use shears, I can add them later if I feel we need more privacy, but I honestly don't think I will. I was also super happy to see those flimsy rods go away (note to self - list them on Craigslist!).

For now I have hung up one set of "drapes" - I used drop cloths like I keep seeing everywhere in blogland, what can I say? I loved the idea!

drapes in progress
(it's really hard to take a picture of a window!)

I really like the new rods I picked - I found them at Lowe's, so the price was right and they have the feeling I was looking for. At first I was going to just go for the dark, round finials, but I ended up with fluted amber glass balls. They go really nicely with the wood tones in the ceiling and mantle.

I had to hang up a set of the drop cloth panels because we needed drapes at least on the front of the house for privacy (the neighbors don't need to see me before I've had my coffee!), and because my husband was less than excited by the idea of drop cloths as drapes.

I'm pretty sure he was picturing clear plastic sheets on the windows.

I'm not sure if he really likes these, or was just really happy with the price (I've been brainwashing him into believing that Potter barn is the only place to buy drapes - hee hee!)

I'm very happy with the texture of the drop cloths. I'm going to sew on (green) ribbons to tie the drapes to the rings, because I love these drapes from Potter Barn:

Pottery Barn

And I'm also going to do something to the bottom of the drapes.

At first I was thinking of sewing a chunk of green and white fabric (maybe a trellis pattern?) to the bottom of each panel, but now I'm thinking of stenciling the panels instead - I figure if I don't like the stencil I can always go back and sew on some fabric later.

So that's the direction I'm headed with the drapes.
I'm excited for the change!


Marianne@Songbird said...

Big improvement! And good going on getting hubby on board, that can be one of the biggest challenges, I know!

pk said...

I'm still amazed by the drop cloth idea every time I see it. It's a good one! I really like your idea of using the ribbons and adding some detail to the bottom. Have a great day!
pk @ room remix

The DIY Show Off said...

Wow. I love drop cloth drapes too and you did an amazing job! I will have them one of these days...just waiting for "family room" to get to the top of the DIY list. :)

Great job!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Robin Sue said...

The drapes in the first picture is the floral pattern in my daughters bedroom. I do love that pattern. We do need new drapes too and drop cloths are a great idea!!

Britt said...

Don't you love the drop cloth drapes idea??? Whoever thought of it first was brilliant! The material is so nice and thick and they look great in so many styles of rooms. Love your ideas for dressing yours up.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Drapes are some of the most difficult things for me to make decisions on... good for you for making progress. The DIY stencil idea sounds great. I can't wait to see the afters!

heather s. said...

Too funny! I bought a drop cloth from Home Depot for a basement project and am contemplating buying more for another basement project. They are so inexpensive and look great!

Dogmom Diva said...

Alanna, may I ask what you did with the drapes that came with your home..they are probably long gone, but they match my valances..I know my taste is probably not your taste, but I love them..I would gladly take them off your hands for you if you still have them! Be happy to pay a little bit plus postage..let me know..
PS I love the new ones as well!