Monday, September 07, 2009

sprucing up the front porch - a decorating dilemma

I have a confession.

I didn't do a thing to my front porch all summer. I bought plants for the planter box and never planted them (I also never watered them. Oops!).

boring and dirty

I needed to remedy the situation for the fall.

I spent $10 on some mums, swapped my wreath, and cleaned everything up.

still boring

The walkway leading up to my porch is adorable - I have a rock wall that is covered in lichen and moss (you can see it along the bottom of the last picture), and there are planting beds on both sides (one is full of pachysandra, and one has a variety of perennials and some pots of annuals). But then you get up to the house and it's awful.

I need help!
Do you have any suggestions for my super-boring, super-tiny front porch?

I'm linking this to the Fall Nesting Party at The Inspired Room, even though I doubt it will inspire anyone. I'm hoping to get some ideas and inspiration from everyone else there. Hopefully you can all help me make my front porch inspiring for fall!

*Edit - I'm also linking this to the Decorating Dilemmas Party at Serenity Now, your ideas so far have been great, and I'd just love to get more!


Karli @ RockyBella said...

I like your front door area. So many options for that space. I have no idea! A tall topiary would be kinda cool in the planter box...? Maybe a larger door mat to fill in the space. has a bunch of cool large ones. Maybe a kickplate on the bottom of the door to give the area some sparkle.
Just some ideas...?
I think is a great little space you've got.

Vacskamati said...

You can do this or something similar:

I'd shake the look of your porch.. :D
You can insert some long twig into the pot and add some colourful leaf.. And add some decoration to the other side of the door too...

I hope it could help you.. :D

Jen said...

I think something hanging from the right corner like a candle chandellier would be neat...maybe a black or deep color for halloween/fall. What about a piece of art for the wall above the brick planter? Like those wrought iron decorative plaques? A vintage sign? Great space! Think fun!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi there!

I think you have a great space. :) Those mums are beautiful! What about placing the pot on the porch floor on one side of the door? (don't know how much room you have over on the left side)

Do you use the planter? English ivy or some other kind of ivy that grows well in shade would be pretty if you keep it trimmed.

OR have your hubs cut a big thick sheet of wood and attach it somehow to the top of the planter to make a bench/reading area? Paint the wood and add a cushion.

I like the suggestions of adding a candle lantern piece and a sign or piece of art to the right of the door.

I've been considering getting some of those vinyl letters for my own front door. The kind that say "No. 487" or something like that. :)

Thanks for linking up. :) Have fun mingling!

Karli @ RockyBella said...

To answer your question, I just call UPS or FedEx and tell them the dimensions and weight and they tell me an estimated shipping price. THats how I come up with my numbers. Hope that helps. I can't wait to see what you do with your porch.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

It's really a cute space, but if you want some change I would:

*Use spray paint to change brighten the pot color that the yellow flowers are in (just for an extra pop) then I would place it on the left side of the front door.

*I would plant additional flowers down in the bed to add a little extra color and interest.

*This might be too modern for your taste, but I really like the look of large house numbers. I would put them in the empty space to the right of the door. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Good luck!

Kaylie said...

I love the idea of putting the vinyl numbers on the door! I'm debating on those myself.

As for the porch, I think a larger door mat would help along with a large pot or a small topiary tree or something just to the side in front of the window would add a little vertical visual appeal. If you did the tree you could decorate it for each season.

The planter on the right has really harsh lines that I think could really use a bit of softening through the use of some type of plant that would hang off the edges. Maybe ivy (like a previous poster mentioned) or sweet potato vine and petunias (depending on where you live and the seasons).

To the right of the door I think a nice piece of metal art or something would also be pretty like the suggested candle lantern.

alanna rose said...

Thanks for all of the ideas! They'll really help me put a plan together :)

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Are you attached to the planter? We had one on each side of the entrance to our house (same style, but thinner). We knocked them out and I like it so much better. Honestly, there's so much shade there, plants wont really get any light. Ours at least.

What about an old chair in the corner. You could place pumpkins on it, or maybe your mums on it and some pumpkins on the floor next to it.

Barbara Jean said...

OK, This is going to be different, so see what you think.
I'm not sure how big that planter box is, but i would just put a nice board across the top, and do layered vignettes on it.
Think different:

like a little chair (or doll high chair), with the plant on it, tools laying around, a garden box. Or do seasonal, a scarecrow hanging or sitting, maybe a ladder in back up the wall, pumpkins around him, and tools or straw to fill in. Just do whatever you would do if the box were not there.
You have a lot of height that needs filling. Signs were mentioned, or a hanging light of some kind. both great ideas.

You could do beach treasures in the summer. Just remember to give it some height in the back and work forward with lower things.
Try a shutter up the wall, some beach signs a bucket and little shovel and some sand.

The ideas are endless. Wish i were there so we could play!!

I'm just learning to do vignettes in my store, and I am having so much fun!!!

Give it a try. Live it up. Have an adventure. You can take it down tomorrow if you do not like it.

barbara jean

PS please, be sure to tell me what you do and show us a pic. I would love to see it.


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I'd definitely take advantage of that wall space on the right. Hang a vintage window, maybe? Or a plate arrangement, if it's sheltered. Or you could hang some shallow boxes or crates and fill them with plants.

For the planter box, I'd plant something that has trailing leaves/vines that would grow and hang over the sides. It would be really pretty!