Wednesday, April 01, 2009

oh, oprah

Biggest surprise of my day: I am actually enjoying Oprah's interview with Star Jones.


But I have a theory. We all know that Oprah has a very public struggle with her weight (I'm with you there Oprah, just not quite as public). In the beginning of the year she had her big "I love Bob Greene" show, and since then all's been sort of quiet on the Bob front. Lately though, we have seen a heck of a lot of shows about the morbidly obese. Much skyping-in of the 400+ club. And Ruby. And Discovery Health documentaries. And now Starr and her admissions of gastric bypass.

I think Oprah is warming us up for her own medical intervention.


Lamb said...

good theory!

AJ said...

Good call, I bet you're right!

YGS said...

I like it!

Baby Love said...

I wouldn't be surprised. Out here in CA, that's all we see. It's very common for people to lose weight with gastric bypass surgery and lap band placement. In fact, most of the patients that I see on my unit are recovering from those surgeries. When you get to the nitty gritty of it, it's all about portion control and exercise.

Katie said...

I was surprised that I actually enjoyed that interview too! I used to really despise Star, bu now I kind of 'get her'.

mel_fitz said...

that sounds very plausable.

funny jj pic. chase had a daddy's shoe/plastic pig kind of day.