Friday, December 19, 2008

total disaster

I have really been craving no-bakes.I figured I could make them and feed G his dinner at the same time. I overestimated my capabilities.

I lovingly stirred the pot in between spoonfuls of pumpkin puree and sweet potato puffs, and then I decided to call my mom (because I am such an awesome multitask-er). When it was time to add the oatmeal I figured everything was cool, these would be the best-damn-no-bakes-ever, and my craving would be squashed. But, I grabbed the wrong container of oatmeal. Crap!

I spooned out a few cookies - they tasted like little raw fiber bombs. I decided I could just cook the oatmeal by adding water and putting the pot back on the stove (by this time G is going crazy with the pumpkin, everything is orange). I cooked the oatmeal, but I also wrecked the cookies.

Would anyone like a spoonful of chocolate oatmeal?


Laura said...

Want me to mail you some for Christmas? :)

Y Garcia-Smith said...

ha ha ha

little.lamb said...

well, i *was* in the mood for no bakes until i got to the end.


Michelle said...

too funny... I plan on making no bakes sometime in the next few days. I will heed your advice and do it when the kids are asleep :)