Monday, December 08, 2008


G hit the nine month mark last week, and he immidiately got busy getting into trouble.

The most commonly heard word in our house is "no." I know, I've read the same books you have. I am sorry, but that is the word that comes out of my mouth when he:

* breaks my brand-new not-cheap fireplace screen.
* tries to chew on the cord for the computer, tv, Christmas tree...
* climbs into the bathtub by himself.
* climbs out of his high chair and sits on the tray. (totally thought that would be a safe place to trap him for the 63 sec I need to get the mail)
* sits in the warming drawer on the oven.
* eats through the bite guard on his crib.
* gnaws on the water turn-off under the toilet.

Sounds like he hangs out by himself all day, huh? Nope, I'm on him 24-7 and he still manages to get into everything. I think he needs a kennel. Don't worry I would totally pad it and give him some toys ;)


Laura said...

Welcome to the fun. Just wait until there is more. ;)

AJ said...

Little boys are pistols. Laura's right, it's all downhill from here, but totally in a 'test the limits of your sanity, but you wouldn't change a thing' type of way:)

lamb said...

so what your saying is im screwed. great.

Pamela said...

We got the XL Super Gate for Kayla, worked like a charm.

Danielle Michelle said...

Before you got to the kennel part I was htinking he sounded a bit like my dog...same ageish? LOL

Kennel or a muzzle.

mel_fitz said...

Chase and Kobe have both been like that lately!! Kobe wrote in sharpie on the dining table, Chase's favorite toy is the toilet brush or his own crap diaper if you don't get it away from him while changing his diaper.
Hey, get that bitter apple stuff for the crib rail.... then find yourself justifying it to child services I'm guessing.