Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Just to clear up any confusion about our pet - this is Zippy.

We love her <3

*not the best picture of Zippy or G, but it was handy :)


Lamb said...

shoot! i always wanted a guinea pig, but my mom said no rodents in the house. ...but then i was allowed to get a real pig.

love the name coding on the cage (:

mel_fitz said...

look at him!! he's making his little *cheese* squinty face. awwwww.

Jericho Rose said...

I read the story about G eating poo and what do you know that same night Kevin and I were watching my mom's chinchilla. Quincy started licking up small poo particles...ahhhh gross. It made me think of G. I couldn't have imagine seeing a baby do the same thing.

Danielle Michelle said...

So cute!

mel_fitz said...

look at! they're trying to make the same face! call ya later. gotta pick up the dude