Saturday, July 12, 2008

oh, crap

Gerald came home from the UP with a raging case of diarrhea. I have changed his diaper 4 times in one "change." The Pampers people should be ecstatic.

He's been really happy throughout the EAS experience, so the nurse said to just let it run its' course. But now he has diaper rash - a first I was hoping to avoid completely. Kathy suggested mixing Maalox and Desitin and using that - I think I'm going to try it, any other suggestions?

I can hear him in his bed right now - he's pooping.


Diana said...

Poor thing!! What do you think gave him diarrhea? I don't know about the mixture, but make sure that his diaper isn't on too tight. The more you can expose his skin to air (to dry) the faster the rash will go away.

AJ said...

Burt's Bees baby butt cream was my cure all for diaper rash. Both of my kid's had super sensitive skin, and that worked wonders.

Laura said...

The Burt's Bees would make G scream like bloody murder. The pediatrician recommended mixing Maalox, desitin and lotrimin in equal parts. She called it "magic butt paste". Apparently you can get a script for it, but she said it is way cheaper to make yourself. I'm going to make some this evening.

rae rae said...

I so do not miss the smell of baby diarrhea... LOL

BB's and Balmex worked the best for Carter - and air. If I was brave. :) How's he doing now?