Thursday, July 31, 2008


After taking my morning stroll with baby-man I came home and realized I had worn a nursing bra and not my sports bra - no biggie, right?


ALL of my nursing bras were in the wash, not waiting to be washed, but in.the.wash. Actually, they had been sitting, wet, in the washer for three days. Yick. And the bra I'd walked in? Soaked in sweat (it's hot and humid - and I am one mean walker).

So I went bra-less. I'll give you a minute for that visual to sink in.



I promise I did not go out in public that way, not even to the mailbox. And now that I have a drawer full of clean bras I'll be properly secured tomorrow.

I can hear you all sighing in relief.


mel_fitz said...

I can hear your floor sighing in relief... and saying "clean me!"
I could not figure out to save my life why your last post was called "diabetes". I got all scared. I just got it.

rae rae said...

Well... At least you are still nursing. Going bra-less after you are done nursing is much, much worse. Hello, tummy.