Sunday, June 29, 2008

random weekend

* We drove to Toledo yesterday to do some shopping. Sam's Club and BRU - super exciting. Now we have lots of diapers and an umbrella stroller.

* I got Starbucks on the way there! But I burnt my tongue on it :*(

* We took Gerald swimming at the Y today, he was generally unimpressed. We bought him Spider Man swim diapers, they are huge on him.

* You can buy a paternity test kit at Meijer, they are conveniently located next to the condoms.

* My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are coming tomorrow!

* We leave for the UP on Wed!


lamb said...

were you looking for the test kit or condoms :)

mel_fitz said...

did he cry when you put him in the water? Chase went in the kiddie pool w/ me and Kobe and he loved it. I can assure you, @ 3 mo's old he would have hated it though.

Kara said...

How to he like the water? Cambrie is just now enjoying baths, so I am nervous that the pool might scare her into hating baths.

jr_michels said...

Hi! Randi mentioned that you and Diana were going to Houghton for the 4th. Kevin and I have decided we are making the trip as well. Do you want to get together on Saturday for a fish bowl? I would love to meet the baby too. You can e-mail me at

Laura said...

At home paternity tests? Seriously?
Enjoy the weekend and eat at all the local places for me!!!