Monday, June 16, 2008

educating jack

Two weeks ago we went to Kalamazoo and spent the night at my cousins' - they have a nine year old (Emma) and a five year old (Jack). Emma is my mini-me. Jack is adorable, and precocious. This is the conversation we had about feeding babies.

me - "Gerald is hungry - time to eat!" I get him "hooked up" and he's happy, happy.
Jack - "What are you doing?" Gives me suspicious eyes.
me - "Feeding the baby."
Jack - "I don't believe you."
me - "It's true! This is how your momma fed you. That's how G gets milk."
Jack - Sits next to me on the couch, places one finger on my chest and says with a slightly sinister smile "I'm helping push the milk out."

Emma, Gerald and Jack


AJ said...

It's amazing how young boys figure out sneaky ways to cop a feel:) I think they're born that way. That and with the "I must hold the remote" gene:)

Kathy said...

that made my day. So cute!!

rae rae said...

Funny.... Carter laid on my chest the other day and said "pillows!" and then pushed them together so they would be more comfy. Somehow I thought I had heard that before, sometime.... :D

Kara said...

how funny.....Ava asked me if she could atch me feed the baby and I was like are cute

Michelle said...

Too funny :)

Gerald is so cute -- I love the picture below of him in the criminal mastermind shirt!

mel_fitz said...

Miss you and GerGer