Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bridge walk!

It's been 20 years since my family walked the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day. So we decided that we're doing it this year:)

I was seven when I walked, Mason was almost 4 and he rode the whole five miles on my dad's shoulders, and Susie was an infant (8 months) and rode in the baby backpack. I have two memories from that walk: I really wanted to swim in the lake, and I could see Mason's Mickey Mouse underwear.

We are driving to Troy Saturday morning, and driving with my parents to Mackinaw City. We're going to have lunch at Cunningham's, because we always have lunch there. And then we'll drop our stuff in St. Ignace and go to the Sault for the afternoon. We want to eat dinner at the Antler's - because we always tell stories about eating there as kids, and it's time Jocko sees the giant moose head and the Bunyan Burgers for himself. We're also going to the Locks, because they're cool, and Jocko has never been there (I was shocked by this - I thought every young Michigander had to see the locks by the time they graduated from high school).

Sunday we're hanging out on Mackinac Island, along with about a million other tourists. I have never been more excited for fudge. And Monday is the Bridge Walk. Susie and I might not walk - we may just decide it is too hot, and go shopping instead. And then on Tuesday we'll head home.

I'm so excited!


Sonya said...

Alanna! I'm am doing quite the same thing as you are! We are staying in Cheboygan with pup and Ben's parents are driving over on Saturday. Sunday we are going to the island with pup and then walking the bridge on Monday. so.... we should see about meeting up for fudge or something. If you are interested you should call me... it's 989.600.3187

heather said...

Sounds like fun! :) I've never seen the Locks either, shhhh....

AJ said...

Okay, on Saturday, I kept seeing Jocko. Only he was shorter, and his head was shaved. The more I drank, the more I called him Jocko 2. Wow do they look a ton alike!!

Have fun on the bridge walk, it sounds like a lot of fun. And I concur, who grew up in MI and hasn't seen the locks??