Tuesday, August 28, 2007

are you done yet?

I just brought in an absolute harvest from my tiny little veggie patch.

11 cucumbers
3 brandy wine tomatoes
2 green peppers
3 pints of cherry tomatoes

and there are 7 watermelons ripening

When we planted the garden I picked plants that I love to eat. Then I became pregnant. I now have the worst aversion to tomatoes and cucumbers.

I think the garden fairy will be leaving veggies on my neighbor's steps!


AJ said...

You could send them my way. Our neighbor that used to act as our garden fairy hasn't this year. Maybe he's mad at us!

Adrienne said...

I love tomatoes and cucumbers!

Kathy said...

Wish our neighbors loved a garden fairy. When you're short they like to call you a garden gnome. But don't you just love gardening?? it's so much fun.

Maria said...

That's so fun! I wish I could grow a garden in my highrise apartment!!!!! I love fresh tomatoes!