Tuesday, May 01, 2007

one year

Last year May 1 fell on a Monday, it was also the day of my first post; so today is my blogiversary. Hooray!

This is the first time I've ever successfully kept a record of my life for more than 3 weeks, and now I am addicted. So, just as a quick recap, here are the highlights of the past year:

* one house bought, one house sold
* 15 pounds lost and re-gained :(
* trips to Dallas, Muskegon, Zeeland, Houghton (yes, you are still waiting on pictures), Pittsburgh, Maine, Troy
* one visit from Mel
* five wedding receptions
* one list of 101 things-to-do that needs to be posted
* one million hours spent catching up with dear friends

I'm so glad we're all blogging - I love our virtual couch :)


AJ said...

I second the love of the virtual couch!

Laura said...

I concur with the virtual couch!

Andrea said...

Definitely the truth...I love stalking all of you from the comfort of my own couch!

mel_fitz said...

dude, alright alright alright!! I'm coming again soon! BTW, I got the pkg, and THANK YOU so much! Kobe and I have read Pat the Bunny probably 20 times already. He loves it. I will put your check in the mail today. I have to work today so I'll call you on the way there or back. I'll tell you about the first appt., too.

Erika said...

this needs to be the new name of your BLOG!!! The Virtual Couch! Good job... you did it. You no longer need a title. :)

Kathy said...

happy blogiversary! I think that means chocolate today!