Monday, May 07, 2007

monday, monday

Let's see... today I have, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. Why? Because we worked outside all weekend, so nothing was done inside, and we generated a metric ton of dirty laundry. The garden beds around the house are looking good, some of the plants needed to be cleaned up, and a nice layer of mulch was laid. Now it stinks like mulch (I find that it smells a bit vinegar-y), but it looks purtty!

We also picked a company to replace the roof, and I picked the roof color. We decided to replace and enlarge the skylight in the entryway, and to add a skylight to our bathroom. We also bought everything we need to replace the gutter behind our garage, as it is currently MIA. Unfortunately that project won't be completed until the roof is replaced, and right now it looks like the roof will be scheduled for August. Why can't they just squeeze us in this weekend? We have a ranch, they won't even need extension ladders.

Oh, my favorite part of the weekend - I bought some vegetables to plant in my "farm." A few tomato plants of varying sizes, sweet peppers, watermelon, and some seeds. And we bought manure and peat to help the soil :) The pants aren't in the ground yet, because we are still under frost-advisory until this coming weekend. So everyday I get to haul my little plants out to the deck and give them water and love. I promise to take pictures once the farm is set up.

Happy Monday!


arh said...

"The pants aren't in the ground." BEST TYPO EVER!

alanna rose said...

Nope the pants are definitely not in the ground, and neither are the plants! I love you :)

mel_fitz said...

wow, you were busy!! skylight? c'mon, ya bragger. now I am going to have to get one. ha ha. I'll call you today.

AJ said...

I want a skylight too!

Kara said...

I love home grown tomatoes....nothing compares. I was thinking about planting a couple plants in a pot. Have you ever done that before????