Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the problem with updating

Well, the main problem is that you actually have to blog to update the blog. Which requires me sitting at the computer (do it everyday) and composing a mildly cohesive entry (oh, so that's what you have to do).

Must. Write. More.

So, to satiate that burning desire to know all things alannarose, I will compose for you a top ten list of things that have been occupying my time. Oh, yeah, and Happy Easter!

10. Baking for my Relay for Life team bake sale = 20 pie crusts, 2 big batches of cookies, 2 carrot cakes (I ate the leftover cream cheese frosting - mmmmmm), and 2 peanut butter cakes.
9. Wasting time on Swap-bot.
8. Going to Muskegon for Easter.
7. Planning projects for the house.
6. Cleaning Zippy's cage.
5. Hanging out at the Optometrist's office.
4. Watching Color Splash!
3. Talking to Mel.
2. Being a Mary Kay lady.
1. Standing in line at the post office.


Cat said...

Speaking of an update...where are our pictures from Winter Carnival?! I think that you should add that to your list. :) Love you!

Laura said...

What? You were in this neck of the woods. I'm going to guess with Easter you were very busy with family stuff. Next time!

Erin said...

What are you swapping on swap-bot?

AJ said...

satiate...good word!

Y Garcia-Smith said...

Missed ya!

mel_fitz said...

dude!!! swap-bot???!!! o well at least it's not woot!! hey, I've been standing in line @ the post office (aka: satan's asshole. o wait, that's the DMV.) lately, too. last time some lady was discussing all of the stamp options w/ the guy for like 10 minutes and I almost had to pick one for her.

Crystal said...

Mel! You stole my thought.. I was going to say at least you haven't been at the DMV. That's definitely satan's asshole. Ha ha!

Glad to hear from you, Alanna. I checked out swapbot and it seems like a good way to kill time. I'd like to request a picture of Zippy. :)

Erika said...

hey bebe! :)

Thanks for the update. Oh, and I need to order MK stuff from you. Where's the link to your MK site?

jr_michels said...

Missed you...... I definately hate the post office...especially in Chicago. They take their sweet ol' time while I have places to be. I'd like to light a fire under their butt.

Kara said...

Your alive...YAY!!! I want to see pics of the new house and you moved in :)