Sunday, April 22, 2007

i don't bend that way

I had a productive weekend :) J and I worked in the yard on Saturday and today I worked.

Our yard is full of surprises. Because we did not plan the landscaping, we have to kind of guess at what's going on; I find my self thinking "Is that a weed? Should I pull it, or not?" that's how it's been so far. Now that we're into April (almost May - can you believe it?) it's a bit easier to navigate the foliage. So we worked on taming the out-of-control ground cover and battling the dandelions. The latter being the reason I cannot sit. I must have done a million squats while digging dandelions, and my butt really hurts. But I enjoy looking at our cleaned up flower beds, and I'm eagerly anticipating brightly colored flower beds and boxes.

I also have big plans for my first vegetable garden! We have a small box that the former owners grew some veggies in, so I'm assuming the light is right. Right now I'm planning to have tomatoes (I want some heirloom plants), zucchini, acorn squash and lettuce. Any other suggestions?


AJ said...

We used to have a huge garden, and it we were used as slave labor as children. J/k, but seriously, we had so many veggies we sold them to the grocery store.

Here's what I learned:

-green beans suck to pick, but if you only have a few plants it wouldn't be bad, it's when you have 60-70 plants that it's no fun!

-lettuce gets very buggy very easily

-tomatoes are not worth starting from seeds, the extra cost of the small plants is worth it

-zucchini, squash, cucumbers, watermelon are all pretty easy because they're viney-with cucumbers make sure you get the kind for eating unless you want to can them into pickles

Can you tell I was coerced into gardening and then canning the results when I was little?

I'm hoping to put in a garden too this year and do some canning, I didn't last year becuase I was so fat and preggo. Hopefully this year I can do it again. It's nice to have frozen/canned veggies in the winter that are a product of your own hard work!

Y Garcia-Smith said...

I love veggies. I want my own garden. Come plant it :)

Crystal said...

Heirloom tomatoes... yummm...

Laura said...

This talk of your bottom makes me want to give it a good smack!

Andrea said...

I'm super excited to plant flowers this year!!!