Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy new year!

It's Chinese New Year! And it's the year of the pig. To celebrate, my favorite pig received a brand new, red chew-bie.

"I love my new chewb! Now, give me treats!"


mel_fitz said...

"my name is zippy and i have fur pants"
I like your curtains. kind of twall-ish colors. i also love your fireplace and of course the timber ceiling.
you should get that one house a new mailbox for the chinese new year. :)
you can slap me if you want to

Katie said...

Your fireplace is awesome - its real wood not gas? Our fireplace is real wood and we have learned that duralogs are far superior to burning real wood in terms of flame, smoke, and clean-up.

jr_michels said...

o my adorable is zippy. i just want to squeeze the little guinea pig.