Sunday, February 18, 2007

catch up

I know it's Sunday, I was busy/sick all week.


* Woke up to this much snow on Tues. morning,
but we didn't just wake up, our neighbor decided to fire up the snow blower at an un-Godly hour. This ticked me off. Then we realized he had cleaned our sidewalk and driveway, I forgave him.

* Have the typical after-Carnival plague. While not as bad as food poisoning (sorry, Laura) it does beat you up quite well. I have decided that canned ravioli from Wal1greens is a miracle food, and $udafed and Robatuss!n were my new friends.

* Feeling much better now.

* Moved a lot of stuff around the house. Now it is starting to feel like our home and not just "the place where all of our stuff lives." Making the fireplace pretty made me smile, now I feel all warm and cozy when I sit in the living room :)

* Also set up the guest room, so feel free to come and visit!


AJ said...

Super cute fire place!

Ugh to the snow!

Laura said...

I concur that the fire place looks pretty and cozy.

Erika said...

pretty. i'm jealous. :)

Crystal said...

Love the fireplace!