Monday, December 18, 2006


Thank you all for the kind words, and Jonesy, I especially enjoyed the "bid" for the Imploded Brains Club.

I'm just stressed. With all of the moving chaos, Christmas has totally snuck up on me. Sure I was able to get the cards out (or at least most of them), but I have so many gifts to buy, and wrap, and I just realized I am leaving for Muskegon on Thurs. (T-2 days) and won't be back until after New Years. aaaaarrrrggghhhh.

And I need to clean the house tomorrow because the inspector will be here and I don't want to be embarrassed (so maybe the house isn't dirty, but I want it to sparkle).

And the house is barely decorated, no tree, no lights, just a few knick knacks I pulled out - in fact I still have a harvest wreath on the front door.

Of course, Jocko is in the Fin, and I'm not blaming him for that, but I think my stress level would be so much lower if I could just see him everyday. In fact, this year I believe he has spent more nights out of town than in town. aaaaarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh.

And to top it all off I don't even have a guinea pig to cuddle with; she's at my cousins until after we move. harumph.

This post is really going no where, I just needed to get it out. Oh, and where's the next meeting of the IBC?


Laura said...

Hang in there Alotta Hose! I'm sure the inspector will be blinded by the sparkle of your house!

jonesy said...

Part of the beauty of the IBC is that there are no meetings. Our brains are imploded, so we'd never remember them anyway :-D