Thursday, December 07, 2006


We have officially accepter an offer on our house!

No Crystal, it wasn't for $20,000 more than our asking price. In fact our house hasn't appreciated that much in the two years we've lived in it, but this is the first house we are selling for a small profit. After doing improvements on our old house we simply broke even, this time we've come out ahead, and I'm happy about that, even if it is only by a little bit.

So, we are set to close on Jan 19, and Jocko and I are going to OH this weekend to pick a house. I'm thinking I'll like the houses more knowing that my house is taken care of.

Would you like to know how I sell my houses quickly? I stage and I pray. It's worked twice, so I'm starting to believe there's something to it.

A few tips:
* fix all real problems
* take down all of the personal photos - they are distracting to buyers
* hang a wreath on the front door - it's like a hug from the house
* list with a reputable agent
* price your property correctly
* pray that the people who need your home will find it.. quickly :)


Anonymous said...

Have fun house shopping!

mel_fitz said...

Nice job Dude!

jonesy said...


I've also sold two houses in 6 days each. It's all about the stage!

Crystal said...

Alanna and Heather, I may be needing your help someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun looking for a house let us know if you find anything!!! Congrats on selling your house

jr_michels said...

I watched a home show on staging. It was very interesting. Basically they tell you to get rid of the clutter so your home looks bigger and brighter. Let me know how the house hunting goes.

mel_fitz said...

hey--I tried to call you back yesterday but your line was busy. I have to go to Dane today so I'll call you on my way there or back.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling the home. Also, thanks for the tips on selling a home!! Maybe you should become a realtor..