Tuesday, November 14, 2006

pop the cork

Today's WOOT! podcast was especially fun. Props to Erika for leading me to this happy little site. :)

Side note:
spell check has issues with "podcast"
suggested replacement: "pitchstone"

Can someone explain pitchstone?


mel_fitz said...

dude- pick up the phone, huh? where have you been?

Erika said...

it's been a while since i've gotten props. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey - if you like Woot, check out Tanga.com. They have Woot like stuff but also toys, board games, and such. One deal a day site.

alanna rose said...

who is "anonymous?"

Anonymous said...

That is a way fun site...I like todays...I NEED one NOW! Get the ring off yet?