Monday, September 11, 2006

free and fun

Hungry Girl has some great stuff today!

Free and yummy eatables, plus clown faced lunch meat :)



Erika said...

I just signed up for my free bar. :) Love the hungry girl site. thanks man!

Crystal said...

oh my god, this site is awesome! Thanks Alanna.. I'm going to add it to the list of sites I look at every day. *big sloppy kiss*

Adrienne said...

Hungry Girl is so cute.

I have to say, though, her Lite edition of an Awesome Blossom just can't compare with our experiences.

alanna rose said...

I cannot take credit for Hungry Girl - Adrienne sent me to her first :)

As for the Awesome Blossoms - nothing can compare top our onion-war stories. I think we just might have to have one on our big adventure!

jr_michels said...

great site

mel_fitz said...

this is in regards to your prev. post--I do think you should do it. I think it would probably take you longer than time allows before this Christmas. It would probably be good for the following year. You don't want to feel pressure to get it done and you'll want to have it printed professionally I'd assume?