Tuesday, February 26, 2013

around our house today

Just some randomness...

find the blonde

Little blonde head poking out of his fort.
Pretty sure this is the first fort he's built entirely by himself.

Little boy milestone.

lego maniac

Always legos.
Lego birthday party on Fri!
With a pinata, his one and only request.

best little bear ever

When you are the third child mom lets you sleep in your carseat in the laundry room.
No biggie.

i went to sleep with wet bangs

I am sick.
No voice.
Hard to yell at the kids.

I have decided to rip apart my office.
I am a skeered.

Also, it must be reassembled by Thurs night because of the Lego party on Fri.


Pamela said...

I hope you feel better soon and that the party goes well. Your little german babes are just adorable!

Merissa C. Piazza said...

I like the little organization hangers you have, with the little pots. I may have to get those for my kitchen :)