Friday, January 18, 2013

seven quick takes, #3

1. Once upon a time Hubs brought a nifty handmade mug home for me from a business trip.
I told my mom I loved it and wanted a whole set of mismatched, giant, artsy-fartsy coffee mugs.
She got me a new one for Christmas.
I love that mug.
I need more.

2. Since the New Year I have been awesome at meal planning (it's only been three weeks...)
I think this week I'm going to start meal planning for lunches and breakfasts, too.
And I've been saving the used in a few weeks I can start replaying some of the meals.
And then the next step is meal planning for the whole month.

It's good to have goals.

3. Child #1 has been coughing for a week.
I kept him home from preschool on Mon, and sent him in on Tues and Wed.
On Wed he came home with a note saying that he coughed non-stop.
So I made a Dr. appt for Thurs.

Naturally, there was no coughing yesterday.
I swear he saved his coughs for after the appointment.

4. I have been hit by the post-baby super-sads.

Can I recommend something to you?
Skip finding a pediatrician, just go with a family practice.
That way, when you feel like you are losing your mind and cannot stop crying, and your 4 year old has a nasty cough at the same's super easy to just sneak an appointment for yourself in at the same time.

Bonus points because your Dr. will see the three ring circus that is your life (and that circus will be putting on an extra good show due to space constraints) and will not hesitate in the least to send you out with a prescription for some mild drugs.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my little circus people.
I'm just having hard time dealing with the circus and the tidal wave of hormones my body is currently producing.
Plus, it's really hard to get outside.
I need the sun.

5. #3 can sleep through anything.

baby loves playmobil

6. The Christmas decorations are almost all put away.
This upsets child #2.
He keeps asking if Christmas is over, and when we tell him it is, he cries big alligator tears.
He's just so sad.

Then he remembers that he really really needs a piece of candy.
Then it's time to beg for candy candy candy candy.

7. I've been thinking more about my living room.
I tried a chair from my office in the room thinking it might work in front of the window.

No dice.
That space for sure needs two chairs, and I'm thinking they need to be relatively modern.
I need to scour Craigslist.
I have zero desire to spend anymore money at Ikea.

What have you been up to this week?
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Laura said...

1. My #3 is very sad about Christmas too. He made have screamed at me when I took down the tree.

2. Any time I take in one kid to the doctor for something, I bring them all, typically we all walk out with a prescription. ;)

3. Sorry about the super-sads. Come over and we'll drink it out.

4. Your #3 is ADORABLE. When do I get to see him in person?

Danielle Michelle said...

Yes - Wyatt keeps asking for Santa. Over and over and over...and lights! And then candy....

Funny how that works.