Friday, January 11, 2013

seven quick takes #2

Back with 7 Quick Takes...thanks Jen for hosting!

1. A direct quote from #1: "Larry King...had a beautiful neck."
Obviously we have been watching too much Gravity Falls lately.
#2 keeps requesting it - "I need Gravity Falls Wax!"

sick day from school
2. Wed. was sunny and warm (40 is warm for Jan.)!
I let #2 skip his nap and the boys played in their new snow shoes.
Thanks Grammy and Papa, for such a fun present!
(Thanks Mom and Dad, the snowshoes slowed my boys down just enough that #2 only ended up in the street once!)

the carrot nose was a non-negotiable

3. Hot cocoa, our favorite after playing in the snow.

so yummy!

4. SMILES!!!!!

ready for bed...too happy to sleep

5.Too big for the Bumbo.

take my picture!

6. Nearly 7 weeks old.
Size 6 month outfit.
The outfit did run small - good choice Auntie Rachel!

please don't grow up

Also...notice the blur above Bebe?
That's #2.
This sweet baby is pretty great about sleeping through the chaos (for now).

7. Good bye old, hole-y Spiderman slippers.
Hello new Spideys!

spidey sense x4

And #2 has a pair as well :)

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Pamela said...

These little takes made me smile. I especially loved the Bumbo pic and the snowshoes. Genius!