Saturday, January 05, 2013

seven quick takes #1

I've been pretty silent on the blog for a few months...of course life is going on, I just haven't felt like sharing.
The problem is that when I'm not sharing I also feel like I am not remembering.
And I need to remember.
These little people are too important to forget.
Currently, my brain only remembers things if they have been written down.

I'm thinking if I link up to 7 Quick Takes over at Jen's blog I might just be able to remember, oh I don't know, maybe seven more things each week ;) Hey, this week Hallie is hosting because Jen is hospitalized with pulmonary emboli - please pray for her and her growing baby boy.

1. I bought a gingerbread cookie kit before naturally on Jan 2 Child #1 and I decorated a few cookies for dessert.

It worked out the best that way, he had a little special time with me on his first day back at school, and he was inspired to create his own "Capt. Cookie" from his new favorite book The Gingerbread Pirates.

note the toothpick peg leg (it was very important)

2. I *bought* a gingerbread kit instead of making cut out cookies because I had to back off from many of the Christmas activities I usually enjoy (like baking) - having a baby between Thanksgiving and Christmas forces you to cut back, or have a metal breakdown.
I chose to cut back.
It was pretty great.

Anyway, this was the extent of my holiday baking:

cookies for santa

Nutter Butters dressed up as Baby Jesus (my brothers thought this was hilarious) - a great idea from Catholic Icing
Ritz Crackers dipped in melted Andes Mints and "dusted" with fancy sugar by #1

3. Child #2 loves stickers.
Well, honestly, he loves anything sticky.
Very hesitant to let me wipe his hands after a meal.
Loves how sticky his fingers are after eating a candy cane (another favorite).
Must have a sticker for naptime/bedtime.
Often gives me a sticker and tells me "For your sticky finger!" But the word finger comes out "pinger" and is just all kinds of adorable.

sticky googlie eyes, what could be better!

4. I hate cleaning the bathrooms.


6 weeks old.
Outgrowing his clothes at an alarming rate!

6. I am packing away my maternity clothes, but I only have one pair of comfortable jeans.
Well, they might not be comfortable, but I can button them and they look decent.
The treadmill is calling my name...

7. The Christmas decorations are all still up...I don't want to take them down!
Some years I am eager to clean up Christmas, but this year I just keep picturing how empty the house will feel once everything is stored.

I need a decorating project to motivate me.
What room should I tackle next - dining room, living room, family room, kitchen?

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Danielle said...

I had my son the day before Thanksgiving in 2009. I didn't end up getting any decorations or a tree up that year. My daughter was only 17 months so she didn't really care/understand. Looks like you are handling three kids pretty well! I am really bad about blogging myself. I like to read other blogs more than write for my own. But like you said, things get forgotten and a blog is a great way to document the little things in the kids (and Mommy's!)life.