Thursday, September 06, 2012

some recent milestones

We rode the Lake Express from Milwaukee to Muskegon to visit family.

a random stranger asked if he could take a pic of us, that never happens! thank you kind sir!
It was fun! #2 slept during both trips, #1 slept on the return trip (the water was really choppy) - I thought for sure he was going to get sea sick; I'm so glad he took a nap instead.

First day of K4!

my backpack is still way too big!
#1 now goes to school (1/2 day) 5 days a week.
He is loving it and so excited to tell me about everything they do (today he was very impressed with a Clifford the Big Red Dog art project). I admit we miss him while he is at school, but I have gotten so much done around the house, and #2 has no problems getting into trouble without his big brother ;)
PS - the school crest includes an image of Mary, and my sweet boy loves to point her out "This is Mary, see Mama?"
Melts my heart.

This guy moved into his big boy bedroom!

sleeping peacefully with bunny
So for now the nursery is empty...which means I can start sifting through the baby stuff and taking inventory of the few things we need/would like for #3...but first I think we will be refreshing #1's bedroom.
I see Star Wars art in my future :)

And today is our 9th Anniversary!
And I would totally scan a pic for you...if I could just get my hands on them ;)
Instead, enjoy this pic of Hubs eating a warhead..

happy anniversary honey!

Happy Thursday, friends!


Pamela said...

I just found Star Wars fabric at Joann's... if that bebe is another boy, guess who's getting a burp cloth!

And, that is a great picture of Jocko, but I want to see one of both of you!

Laura said...

It was so great to see you all!! Proof positive that you love Jocko, so happy to post a not so flatter photo of him! Happy, happy anniversary!