Sunday, December 11, 2011

oh, sunday

We had a nice day.

Started by lighting the third candle on our Advent wreath.

Because it is "pink candle week" I might have forced encouraged everyone to wear red to mass...we looked very cohesive in our pew in the cry room.

We managed a family shopping trip to Target after church. I would not suggest this; the store was a zoo. Our outing was successful, because Hubs kept the boys occupied with popcorn (I'm sorry for the mess, Target employees) and then herded them into the car while I braved the checkout alone.

At some point today, #2 grabbed the remote and found...

do you see what i see?!
Gnome TV!!!
If you have U-verse, it's channel 1100, Christmas music and a gnome.
Oh yeah, and a cozy fire, too.

After naps we worked on our gingerbread house!
Okay, #1 and I worked on the house, Hubs had camcorder/camera duty and #2 ate candy...lots of candy.

And then after we put the boys to bed, we enjoyed our Christmas lights.

yep, there is totally a stand out on the big tree...oh well!

I love this time of year :)

Want to guess what this is?



Paula said...

Your gingerbread house is so cute. That's one thing that I've never done that looks like so much fun. I'm also impressed by your Christmas tree picture. You took such a good one. I still haven't quite figured out what camera setting to use to make it work.

heather s. said...

Love the tree! I thought of you at Paper Source since they had HUGE gnomes all over the store (in addition to the ornament link I sent you, cups, wrapping paper, salt/pepper shakers, etc.). But the big gnomes were quite impressive!

I see a new chandelier in a box...can't wait to see it up. I want a new one for my dining room but haven't really started looking just yet. Soon...hopefully.

Charlie and Kara said...

What a fun day! Your boys are the cutest and the gingerbread house turned out great. All of your decorations look so nice. Our decorations are lame this year since my energy level has been in the pooper and I was dreading putting everything away. Ha! I have some guilt about it now...

Anonymous said...

I like the Santa Bears! As always your house looks wonderful. I wish I could come and babysit the boys and you and hubs go out to diner - I haven't heard "No, don't squish Auntie." or "No, let's not get batman stuck in Auntie's hair" in a while. See you soon. XO - meris

Danielle Michelle said...

New lighting!!! Yeah!!!

We don't really have a cry room at church, and I hate to say it, because of it we haven't been going very often. Wyatt is very enthusiastic about singing during mass, when everyone else is not. And can you believe it - but I get dirty looks? At least he's participating!!!

Danielle Michelle said...

Hey - what are you using to do the photo montage? I like that! email me!

My Songbook said...

Your tree is lovely! And is it a glass table???

Michelle said...

LOVE your house and decorations -- so festive!!! And I love the gingerbread house... you guys did a great job!

The gnome tv cracks me up :)