Wednesday, May 11, 2011

moving updates

Last week was a big week.

We all went to Milwaukee to house hunt, I brought my sister Susie to help with kiddos, especially because J and I were driving separately. She stayed with JJ while I house hunted with our realtor and Mr. Max.

Probably the best thing to happen was that we accepted an offer on our house on Mon evening. Another 7 day sale! Woohoo! I'm planning on doing a tour of our house, mostly for posterity, but also to show how I staged it. Just like every other time we move, once I clear out the daily bits of clutter I love our home so much more. But I do miss having family pictures all around.

On Wed J and I put in an offer for our favorite house. It was great, 4 bedrooms upstairs, second floor laundry, big finished basement with egress windows and 2 guest rooms and a full bath, 3 car garage, big yard. It was going to be perfect.

On Thurs evening we found out that there was already a primary buyer for the house, but with a home sale contingency.


And by the time we found out I was already back in Ohio and J was somewhere on the Indiana turnpike.

Double crap.

We received a counter offer and then countered back very quickly, the sellers kept moving really slowly. And it was making me crazy and nervous. I kept envisioning my family living in a storage unit (see, totally crazy thinking).

Fri night we chose to walk away from that house. We were still at least a week away from an accepted offer, and then the primary buyers would have a decent chunk of time to decide if they would set a closing date and buy the house or walk away and let us have it. We needed to stay sane.

So yesterday J walked through 5 more houses and then went through one of them a second time and took a nausea-inducing video for me (way too rocky to share with all of you). And we placed an offer.

Send me some good vibes that we can come to an agreement quickly!


YGS said...

Sending good vibes your way!!! Now come over and stage my house :)

vanessa said...

Wow that is awesome you sold your house so quickly! Sending good vibes for a new house that isn't a storage unit.

Kathy said...

wow!! so much in such a little amount of time. sending good vibes on the house and sending a bit a peace for the brain.

AJ said...

I need you to come sell my house!

Danielle Michelle said...

Good luck...good luck...good luck! How exciting!!!