Friday, January 28, 2011

friday randomness

First: how do we feel about my green polish?

Sew Psyched by essie

The only opinion I could get around here is from JJ. He said "Cool mommy. Like a army guy."

* Muffin Friday! - I threw the boys in the car and we got drive-thru muffins from Biggby for breakies. And coffee, of course coffee!

* I got to dress up for an actual business meeting this week - I felt like a grown up!

* JJ just convinced me to paint one of his nails - he thinks it's pretty special.

* I think I'm going to merge my two blogs, the other one is sort of blah. I think I'll just stick it in here. Maybe that way I'll update more often.

Probably not ;) but maybe.

* I'm out of dish soap, and I have no desire to take the kids to the store. I think it's a pretty excuse to not do dishes today.

* I have a lot of stuff to do today, but I really just want to clean and organize the house...

* JJ is starting preschool in the fall. I have issues with this, and yet, I love it!

* Someone keeps stealing my camera and taking pictures (and touching the lens).


heather s. said...

I like the green...but even more I love that you are holding your hands to your cheeks to show us. :)

I hear you on the cleaning/organizing - its all I want to do lately! And I think being out of dish soap is an excellent reason to not do dishes.

AJ said...

I need either bleach or whitener to do a load of whites, and I don't want to go to the store either. So my whites are sitting in the laundry room still:)

Preschool will be fun, the crafts, the friends, the stories...all so much fun!

And also, Noah loves having his nails painted:)

Kara said...

Green polish looks fun :)

Michelle said...

it is weird... I like the darker colors (black, gray, your army green) on other people... but I never like the way they look on my own nails... I think yours look cute though :)

Here is a review of the resorts we stayed at (I am copying and pasting part of an email that I sent to someone else that asked about it):
We stayed at both Barcelo and Melia Cabo Real. I would recommend either one of them. Barcelo will probably be more expensive... it is brand new (about a year or so old), and a little larger than the Melia. They had a splash park for the kids that the Melia didn't have... They also have designated pool areas. The first one is the "kids area", the second one (between two of the buildings in the main area) is the "kids & adults area", and then on the other side of the buildings is the "adults only" area. All of the food at both of the hotels was good -- drinks were good, too!!

The Melia's kids club is for all ages (different than Barcelo's -- theirs was from 4years and up I think). You could leave your kids there if you wanted to for a couple hours (we never did that -- but would have felt comfortable doing it... seemed completely safe, fun, etc)

Rooms at the Barcelo were nicer (but only because they were newer).

Melia had a free bus that takes trips every day to either Cabo San Lucas or San Jose -- that was a nice perk. We went to Cabo one day and spent a few hours shopping down by the marina.

The Barcelo had more of a trendy/swanky feel... and the Melia was definitely more laid-back, casual, etc. But we really liked both of them -- and would go back in a heartbeat :)

Let me know if you have any other questions. You guys thinking about a trip?

Laura said...

I dig the green. Preschool is the best thing ever. Georgia taught me about things being camouflaged today.;)

PaisleyJade said...

I love bright nail polish!!

vanessa said...

I like the green! I've been having fun this winter painting my nails. I LOVE the Essie 3 way glaze.

MommyNamedApril said...

love the green :-)