Monday, August 23, 2010

Direct from Clutter-ville

Let's talk about my closets....there are six in this house and at the moment, I feel like they are about to explode.
clutter to the right
perhaps I have a third child living in there?

It's not that they are too full (although, they do contain a ridiculous amount of randomness). It's that they are so unorganized. It drives me nuts. So I've decided to make closet organization a priority for the next few weeks.


Actually, the timing is perfect because in about a month my service organization is having a garage sale fundraiser. So I can clean out the clutter, and instead of just dropping everything at the GW I'll send it to the garage sale. Two birds, I'm all about it :)

I had a little time yesterday (double nap!!), so I tackled the hall closet.

clutter way up high

wasted space below

I decided the easiest way to do it was old-school, Clean Sweep style (I loved that show!). So I labeled three areas in my hallway "Garage Sale," "Keep," and "Craig's List" (CL was for the few items that weren't GS worthy, but still not garbage), and I had a small bag for any trash I might find.

yep, that was all mashed in my closet. yikes.

The only trash I came across was an ancient package of plastic knives which had spilled all over the floor. Knowing that I wasn't storing actual garbage made me feel much less like a hoarder :)

About an hour later I had a clean and shiny hall closet!

holy cow! there was a kid in my closet! ;)

breathing room

organized, and there is nothing on the floor!

What are your current organizing goals?


McCarthy Designs said...

Great organising Alanna! My paperwork is on my to do list. The piles are growing in the study and need to be filed away properly! xx

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You go, girl!!! :) Looks good. :) Thanks for the visit. :)

Laura said...

Oh! Good Job!! I want to do that!! That looks awesome! I think I'll have to do that relatively soon, cause I am in a serious mess. Doesn't that feel great, knowing that behind the door is just organized lovliness?

Caroline said...

Wow! That looks great!
I'm attempting to get the storage unit cleaned out before school. It's part of the condo, so at least I'm not paying extra for it. Also, all of the paperwork that comes with 2 years of grad school needs to be organized.

Kara said...

I cannot believe that much fit into your closet. Great job!!! I need to organize the kids closets. They really aren't that cluttered, but they need some organization to help. I am trying to figure out a good way to "lay out" their clothes on Sunday for the entire week and still keep it in their closet so it isn't on the hallway floor....any ideas?

Crystal said...

Wow, looks great! All my stuff is in my parents' attic and I need to go through it all. I never liked going into the attic during the winter because it was really cold, and then in the summer it's freakin hot, so now might be the right time.