Friday, December 18, 2009

docket, docket

I love the way they report items in our docket, so much unnecessary information :)

"A patron at Nino's Bar reportedly told employees he was going to come back and shoot everyone. He also said he was better at basketball than LeBron James, was a sniper and a black belt in Chinese Kenpo. This was reported Tuesday; the man was issued a trespass warning."

"A Marion Township woman said a former classmate of hers, whom she "had a drunken make out session" with once while in college 15 years ago, was harassing her over the Internet on Tuesday."


Crystal said...

LOL I love it! Whoever writes this stuff must have a sense of humor.

Laura said...

Those are hilarious!

little.lamb said...

you must befriend whoever documents that stuff

rae rae said...

shut. up. lol. that's awesome.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the great bag advice, I am okay with making an investment for something nice.

I bought the pizza stone through pampered chef a while ago. My bro found a wooden paddle to go with it at a kitchen supplies store.